Attention Frustrated Doubles Player:

"5.0 Pickleball Player Reveals The Secret System To Dominating Doubles So You Can Win More Without Spending Countless Hours Drilling..."


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Dear Fellow Doubles Player,

In this letter we’ll show you the fastest possible way to play better pickleball NOW without making a single technical change to your strokes or having to wait months, weeks or even days to see improvement.  In fact, when you apply these secrets...


You’ll Never Have To Beg To Get Into A Game Again... People Will Actually Line Up To Play & Partner With You!


If you would like to play with your choice of partners that are eager to get on the court with you, experience supreme confidence because you know exactly what to do in every scenario that presents itself on a pickleball court, and generally play the best doubles pickleball of your life, all while having an absolute blast each and every time you step on court then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here's why:

My name is Nicole Havlicek. I'm a former nationally ranked Division #1 tennis player turned pickleball player and IPTPA certified pickleball coach helping thousands of players all across the globe play the pickleball of their dreams.

I’m also a 5.0 level pickleball player and enjoy playing with and partnering with some of the best players in the world.

But you want to know something interesting?

This wasn’t always so. Just a few short years ago...

I Couldn't Win A 4.0 Match If My Life Depended On It!


It's true.

Just a few short months into my pickleball life, my partner and I were on the court with some pretty strong 4.0s, maybe 4.5s, I'm not sure since I was so new I didn't really know much about ratings at the time.

And it quickly became apparent that they were of a higher level than we were used to dealing with.

Our banging style was barely working at all. They were toying with us seemingly at will and could handle our pace easily for the most part. They could hit it both hard and soft with control.

They would draw us up towards the net or push us back past mid-court repeatedly.  I constantly felt out of position.

And then it happened, somewhere in the middle of the game...


I got pegged by the ball in the ribs…HARD!

It hurt but I shook it off. It's not fun to get hit but I'm no stranger to it either. I played tennis at a pretty high level and have been hit many times before.

Yet to add insult to injury, a few points later, a hard hit ball struck right at me clipped the edge of my paddle and deflected right into the side of my face near my eye.

That one REALLY hurt!

Getting hit in the body is one thing, yet getting hit in the face or head is another thing entirely.


It's A Major Blow To The Ego... How Embarrassing!


I got hit not once, but twice, in the SAME GAME, and one of those was a blow to the face!

I felt like a big loser!  Who would ever want to play with me now?

I NEVER wanted to feel that way again.

The truth is I had no idea what I was doing out there. I was playing tennis on a pickleball court. I had good skills with the paddle but very little understanding of how to construct a winning pickleball point.

Something had to change…

Then one day, almost by accident, I met Jordan Briones, a Top Pro men’s player.

We met at a pickleball event that my club was putting on.

We rallied a bit, got to chatting, and he invited me to play with him and his group. I started playing with them every Friday.

Over the course of a few weeks, he watched me play and then one day he pulled me aside and said:

"Nicole, why is it that whenever someone on the other team speeds up the ball when all 4 players are at the net, you hit a reset shot and try to drop it into the kitchen?"

I said: "Because that's what someone told me to do. They told me that all the best players will reset the shot when they get attacked."

He said: "Well, that's not entirely true. If your opponent attacks on a "bad ball”, which is a ball that they made contact with below the level of the net, then you attack right back at them because they have to hit up to clear the net therefore you'll be able to hit down on it and make them pay.

I said: "OK, that makes a lot of sense. I will do that!"

So I went back out there with my new strategy and I paid very close attention to where my opponents made contact with the ball when they attacked. If they made contact with the ball at or below the level of the net then I attacked right back at them.

And guess what?


It Worked Like Gangbusters And Totally Changed My Game!


Over the course of the next few weeks and months, Jordan would help me dissect every area of my game. I kept the strategies that were working and we analyzed and fixed what wasn't.

I soon became a force on the court and a highly sought after doubles partner.

I Had An Answer For Every Single Shot That Came My Way.

Look, here's the cold, hard truth:

In the game of modern pickleball...

The "Old School" one-liner, blanket advice tips & tactics will kill your chances of playing winning pickleball.

Following "Dinosaur" advice like:

  • Just get your serve in and drop the 3rd
  • Just get your return in and rush up to the net
  • Pickleball is all about dinking
  • Forehand always takes the middle
  • Always drop the 3rd shot
  • Charge up to the net after your drop
  • The party is at the net
  • Dinking is REAL pickleball
  • Middle solves the riddle
  • Never back off the NVZ line
  • Never Be in No Man's Land
  • Always reset when attacked

...Or following any other outdated one-liners like these is like trying to play pickleball with a hole in your paddle.

Here's why:

Look, don't get me wrong, I have a tremendous amount of respect for all the pickleball ambassadors out there, both official and unofficial, spreading the love of the game and seeking to advance the sport.

They mean well and I am super grateful for them.  The sport is definitely growing as a result of their efforts and I support and appreciate that.

But the reality is, unless they're staying on the cutting edge of modern pickleball strategies, which many of them aren't...


...You Will Outgrow Their Advice!  In Fact, You Probably Already Have...


Continuing to follow it will only hold you back while allowing others, even those you used to beat, pass you by.

Their well meaning tactics may work initially for player's that are just getting started with the game but after a certain point, it becomes the advice from "days of pickleball past" and will actually hurt your game.

Following old and isolated tactics that aren't part of a complete and cohesive overall winning strategy will ultimately leave you frustrated and wondering what you are doing wrong.

It's not your fault!

All that misinformation spread by well meaning fellow players is enough to confuse the smartest person alive and it confused me too.

We appreciate that many players offering advice are seeking nothing more than to be helpful but the truth is that you should never rely blindly upon well meaning blanket advice from others...WHY?

In addition to often being outdated, the advice typically takes on a one-size fits all approach.

And that can put you on the fast track to losing.

In pickeball, there is no one best way to do things that applies perfectly to everyone and in all situations.

Plus, if you have only one way that you handle every situation then you become highly predictable.

And what's worse is when that ONE way is only part of the story and you have no idea why it works some of the time but not always.


The Smartest And Best Players Out There Do Things Differently:


We do not drop every 3rd shot.

We do not stay up at the NVZ Line at all costs.

We do not avoid No Man's Land like the plague.

And, we do not have ONLY one way to deal with any situation.

Instead, we use a system that we call "Dominating Doubles".

This is the secret system we've developed that quickly gave us (and all our students that follow it) complete control of the doubles court.

Here’s how it works:

Our System Is Based On Two “Core Truths” Of Pickleball In The Modern Game:

  1. The old school tactic of just get it in, get to the net, get a dink rally started and wait for a pop up from your opponents is DEAD.
  2. The fastest & easiest way to play winning doubles pickleball is to have a flexible yet complete strategy that allows you to apply the right tactic at the right time in such a way that makes life easy for your team and hard for your opponents. (EVERY time!)

That’s it.

And these two pieces of truth are what took me from a struggling newbie banger to a 5.0 level player and sought after partner in no time at all.

And guess what?

You can learn how to do the same thing -- no matter what level you are at right now, these secret winning strategies that work for us every time are universal and can work for you too.

In fact, when you use “Dominating Doubles”... you can start seeing improvement in your play and results TODAY, and…


Start Getting Invited To Play On Higher Level Courts!


This system is the “missing link” that 5.0 and Pro level players know that everyone else doesn’t.

This is a System that allows players just like you and me to:

  • Play better pickleball without making a single technical change to your strokes...
  • Become a sought after doubles partner that also gets to play on the top courts...
  • Win more matches now without having to drill for hours on end...
  • Finally start moving more proactively so you're always in the right place at the right time...
  • Play more aggressively without sacrificing consistency…
  • And, have total control of the court because you know exactly where to be, where to hit, what shot is coming back, and what to do with it when it does...

Remember earlier, when I told you I was always resetting the ball when attacked and when I learned the subtle yet important times that I should have been attacking right back that made all the difference in the world?

There are literally dozens upon dozens of these seemingly small yet important decisions that have a huge impact on the outcome of points and ultimately games.  And we reveal them all!

Our System, which we’re about to cover in detail, is based upon this vital concept, and allows you to experience massive jumps in your level of play.

Just making ONE correct adjustment to your shot selection can make a substantial difference to your game like it did for me.

Imagine what two, three or more of these changes will do.  You'll be at a whole new level and rating in no time.

People will marvel at how far you've come as a player. Not only that, you will also become a highly sought after partner,

PLUS: You will get to play on the top courts!

Everyone may be wondering "What's up with all your success?"

But you'll know what's've uncovered the Blueprint...the little-known success strategies enjoyed by the elite...and now it's your turn!

This is the System I've used to play better pickleball than I ever dreamed possible and it's the same exact System we’ll be sharing with you today, so you can finally experience results like these for yourself!

We'd Like To Introduce You To Our

Dominating Doubles System:

The Dominating Doubles System Is The Quickest Way To Win More Doubles Matches Today Without Making A Single Technical Change To Your Strokes!

It's our results-focused, step-by-step Formula to ensure you reach your pickleball goals...even if:

  • You're totally new to the game.
  • Have limited mobility.
  • Are over the age of 50.
  • Often feel like the weakest player on the court.
  • Have been stuck at the same rating/level for a long time.
  • Play only recreationally.
  • Don't have much time to drill.
  • Have poor technique.
  • Are stuck playing with a weaker partner.
  • Believe you are doing the right things but it’s just not working.
  • OR even if you THINK you've tried everything!

Now, let me tell you what the Dominating Doubles System is NOT.  Just so you know exactly what you're about to experience...

  • It's NOT a magic pill to becoming a pro player overnight.  You must study the lessons and apply the system to see results.  It's not complicated yet you must take action.
  • It's NOT a one-size-fits-all approach to pickleball.  It's a flexible and adaptable yet complete solution to playing winning doubles pickleball.  The strategies you use will vary based on the strengths and weaknesses of your team vs. that of your opponents.  We'll cover everything you need to know about what to do, and when, in detail.
  • It's NOT theory, these are proven winning tactics and strategies that work for us, our students and the pros.
  • It's NOT for players that just want to hit the ball, see what happens and go from there.  It's a thoughtful, methodical and proactive approach to playing pickleball so that you can DICTATE the points & win.
  • It's NOT for player's that "only want to dink" or "only want to bang".  Playing winning pickleball requires hitting the right type of shot at the right time.  We show you when to hit soft and when to hit hard.  We show you how to use them together so that you give yourself the best possible chance for success.


We're Entering A New Era Of Pickleball And The Winning Strategies Have Changed...


Listen: you've received enough bad, blanket and cliché advise!

Isn't it time to start using what's PROVEN to work in today’s modern game?

What makes Dominating Doubles truly unique is the fact that we've analyzed all the top pickleball players and we've uncovered the hidden patterns and unique (sometimes 'odd') tactics they use to be and STAY successful in the world of pickleball.

We use them ourselves and they flat out work!

And, from this moment forward, you will have the tools to replicate their success!

The strategies of the truly successful can NOW be duplicated easily by you, giving you:

The benefits of being a sought after partner that also gets to play on the top courts at your favorite pickleball venues AND, the ability to win more matches without having to spend countless hours drilling technical changes to your strokes.

Before we go one step further, we need to be 100% honest with you.

If you're just after some more one-size-fits-all solutions...

...or if you want some magic bullet tip that will propel you to the top court overnight...

...Or some other tip/drill/strategy/technique you already know will never, ever work for you in the long run...

Then you need to leave this page right now.

This is not some nonsense "miracle solution" for pickleball success...


This Is A Realistic, Proven Formula That Works!


So, if you're ready for the real truth behind what it takes to succeed in pickleball, here's what you can expect:

If YOU want to:

  • Find those missing puzzle pieces that have eluded you for so long so that you can finally see the whole picture of how winning pickle points are put together and inject those strategies into your play.
  • Play in higher level games and know that not only can you “hang in there” but you are actually a threat. You finally REALLY belong and can win those games.
  • Never again have to feel like the weakest player on the court, frustrated because you just don't know what you're doing wrong.
  • Know exactly where to be and what shot to hit in every possible situation you will face on the court.
  • Actually Get INVITED to play on the top courts instead of lurking nearby just praying there will be an opportunity to slip in for one measly game.
  • Become one of those players that others look up to, admire and aspire to play like.
  • Have viable alternative options for when your favorite "go to" strategies just aren't working against a particular player or team.
  • Quickly & easily identify, isolate and exploit your opponent's weaknesses while also frustrating them by taking away opportunities for them to use their strengths.
  • Stop worrying that you'll be stuck at your current level of play forever & feel excited that you have a roadmap to follow that will lead you to become the player you desire to be.
  • Confidently enter tournaments knowing that you can now get the results you've always dreamed of.
  • Become a feared opponent that is an imposing presence on the court, always keeping your opponents off balance and out of position.
  • Play more aggressively, proactively and confidently so you can be a hero to your doubles partner and gain a reputation for winning.
  • Have more FUN & much, much more...


Then Dominating Doubles Isn't Just "A" Solution For You, It's The ONLY Solution For You!


As you've probably noticed by now, Dominating Doubles is by far the easiest to follow and most complete doubles pickleball video course on the market today...

It gives you the strategic tools that will allow you to win more now which naturally also makes the game so MUCH more enjoyable

In fact, many players that follow our system report greater confidence and better execution during play the very next day after going through the course...

Simply because our System is the absolute fastest way to start playing the best doubles of your life...

Which is amazing, considering you don't need to make a single technical change, and you still SEE incredible results

Now, you may be thinking, "I bet any System that can give me all of THAT would cost a small fortune"...

And, in all really should.

Since the information in this one product has already revolutionized the pickleball industry, and the results players just like you are getting

YET: We’ll get to the price in just a few moments...

First, I want to share a few unique benefits this one-of-a-kind System will deliver to you:

  • 3 simple steps that will prevent your opponents from beating you with lobs even if you lack mobility and don't have a great overhead.
  • Why "just get your serve/return in and get to the net" is a TERRIBLE doubles strategy, and what you should be doing instead.
  • What the single biggest dinking strategy mistake is that lets your opponents completely off the hook and what dinking types, targets & patterns you should be choosing to completely avoid it.
  • How to create chaos for your opponents during a doubles point WITHOUT sacrificing your consistency or reliability.
  • You should always keep your eyes on the ball, right? Wrong! You'll learn when your eyes should be locked on the ball like glue and the key times that you should NEVER watch the ball.
  • The WORST way to get up to the net (that most of your peers are using) and the 4 ways that will allow you to get up to the line with total control instead.
  • The truth about why "middle solves the riddle" is a losing strategy, and what targets you should be using instead to place maximum pressure on your opponents.
  • Why most players completely misunderstand how to cover lobs effectively and how to know definitively who should cover what lob so that your team can defend the lob with ease.
  • A dead simple poaching formula that you can use to calmly inject yourself in the middle of a point and create huge chaos for your opponents.
  • The #1 formation you MUST avoid at all costs that creates a massive hole on your team's side of the court for your opponents to exploit. Many players routinely make this opening available to their opponents without being aware of it, let alone know how to fix it. Now you will!
  • The single most important element to serve and return success, and how to start points correctly so you can calmly advance to the net every time and put massive pressure on your opponents.
  • The 2 step attacking pattern that is nearly impossible to defend when executed correctly. You can use it over and over again to rack up point after point.
  • Why "drop every 3rd shot" is a dead strategy and what your new (& more effective) options are on the 3rd shot as well as when to deploy each type of 3rd shot for maximum success!
  • Learn the secret to defend any pickleball attack even when you're in such a jam that counterattacking or resetting are not an option.
  • The little known strategies of exactly how to position your team to line up your team's strengths directly against the opposing team's weaknesses so that you effectively eliminate any hope they having of beating you.
  • And much, much more!

Here's Exactly What You'll Get...

Module 1: Player Roles & Responsibilities

This module is critical to your success as a doubles player because you’ll learn how to set yourself and your team up for success before the serve is even struck.  Get these key things wrong and it's a slippery slope straight to losing the point before it's even started.  This module ensures you get started on the right foot.

Module 2: Team Formations

This module of coaching reveals the 3 key team formations and how to navigate them successfully in order to put yourselves in prime position to win a point.  Learn which formations lead to the win and which formations to avoid as they almost always lead to losing the point.

Module 3: Court Coverage

Within this module you’ll learn how to avoid the #1 mistake doubles players make when covering the court.  You'll also learn how to make your side of the court seem tiny to your opponents so that they end up going for too much and missing allowing your team to easily stack up points.

Module 4: Serving

In this module, you’ll learn how to take full advantage of being the team that starts the point so that you can also put many points on the board each time your team is serving.  You'll learn the important serve targets, serve patterns & serve types that lead to weak returns and putting the returning team on defense as soon as possible. 

Module 5: Returning

Here you’ll learn how to consistently capitalize on being the first team that has the opportunity to get to net.  You'll learn the key return targets, return patterns & return types that make it extremely difficult for the serving team to neutralize your advantage so that you can get quick side outs and get back to serving again where you can score points.

Module 6: The 3rd Shot

Learn all about the most pivotal shot in pickleball...The 3rd shot: when to drop it & where, when you should never drop it and what to do instead.  You'll also discover what to do when you hit a bad 3rd shot drop, new strategies behind today's MODERN 3rd shot and much more...

Module 7: Transitioning To The NVZ

In this key module, you'll discover why, when & how to get up to the most offensive position in pickelball...both player's on your team up at the net.  We'll dive deep on the 4 effective ways to get to net quickly & easily so you can take charge of the point as soon as possible no matter how well the serve or return were struck.

Module 8: Dinking

Here we'll show you how to use effective dink types, dink targets and combinations of dink patterns to mount a lethal attack on your opponents.  The PROVEN dinking strategies we reveal in this module are virtually guaranteed to set you up for attacks again and again  which inevitably leads to your team stacking up point after point leaving your opponents in the dust.

Module 9: Attacking

In this module, you'll discover the little known attacking strategies of the pros. You'll learn why "hitting hard" is often not the best attacking option and what you should do instead.  You'll also learn the #1 best attacking target, why you must learn to attack from below the net (Yes...really!) and much, much more...

Module 10: Defending

It's a thrill to attack but the best players in the world are the best because not only do they attack well but they also know how to routinely get out of jam.  You will get attacked in pickleball, there's no way around that.  Here, we'll show you how to defend like a pro and turn the tables back around so you can get on offense again.

Module 11: Lobbing

In this module, we cover how to deal with lobs once and for all.  We reveal the secrets of lob coverage so that you're never again confused about who should cover what and how to get back for the lob in time.  You'll learn how to neutralize your opponents lobs and prevent them from gaining the upper hand in the point.

Module 12: Stacking

This module of coaching contains everything you need to know about changing things up on your opponents using stacking formations leaving them dazed and confused.  Everything from getting the right player on your team playing from the right side to keeping your opponents guessing as to who on your team will end up where so they can't formulate their attack in time & much, much more...

Module 13: Poaching

Within this next level module, you’ll learn how to inject yourself in the middle of points, take charge, and disrupt the rhythm of play for your opponents, creating massive chaos in the process.  Executing what you learn in this module will strike fear in the hearts of your opponents every time you’re at the net.

Module 14: Specialty Shots

In this module, you'll learn all about advanced attacking options.  These are specialty shots like ATPs, Ernes & Misdirections.  We'll dive into all of these in detail so you can deploy maximum offense on your opponents.  They won't know what hit them!

And That's Not All...You'll Also Get...

These 4 extremely valuable bonuses you can't find anywhere else, when you join today:

The first bonus gift you'll be receiving today is the Ultimate Doubles Drills Ebook. This helpful illustrated guide includes dozens of proven game-based drills so that you can master any skill.  Every single drill comes with helpful illustrations and can be customized for your level of play.  This book is valued at $97... and its yours FREE today!

You’ll also be receiving Step-by-Step Analysis of Dozens of Real Life Points…we’ll get inside the DNA of a point & do a deep dive into why points are won or lost… we unpack & explain dozens of complex points, highlight difficult situations and how to get out of them as well as cover common decision errors and what to do instead… all with helpful freeze frames and slow motion for easy understanding…it’s normally $147…yours FREE today!

We’re also throwing in the Dominating Doubles Mobile App that’s available on both Apple and Android smartphones & tablets…So that you can access your lessons with all the same benefits and features as on desktop from anywhere…Whether you’re out and about or are on the court and need a quick refresher…We’ve got you covered… Valued at $67 and yours FREE Today!

This fourth gift is our Super Bonus which includes TWO Q&A Coaching Call Replays with Jordan and Nicole, where answer all the most frequent  doubles and course questions… This Super Bonus is Only available when you jump on this great deal. You can access the coaching call replays immediately after you login to your member’s area today! These Q&A Coaching Calls replays have a value of $197...yours free TODAY!

With all this premium training, now you can see why Dominating Doubles is valued at $597...even without all the bonuses, it's a steal at that price...

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Of course, you could choose to continue down the path you're on right now...

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OR, end up spending 10, 20, even 50 times more than the investment you'll make today in Dominating Doubles on lessons.

Where you risk getting more bad cliché advise and/or getting only a fraction of the value packed information in Dominating Doubles PLUS…

Any good advice you do get won’t stay in your memory bank for long leaving you with no way to revisit what coach told you.

And let's not forget all those times on the court when you're struggling and confused wondering why you're playing so badly wishing you had the answers - those moments are real killers.


And that's not what we want for you.


So, let's just make this an easy decision for you today, okay?

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We’ve been asked countless times: “What shot should I be hitting, when should I be hitting it, from where and to where for best results?”…

That is a big question…

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Or even in a series of several longer videos…

So we painstakingly spent 100s of hours: scripting, filming & editing to put together the absolute best possible resource that will allow you to have the success of your dreams on the pickleball court.

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Yes, it's true:

Your struggle with pickleball, up until today, has largely been no fault of your own...

It's true that you've been lied to in the past about quick-fix, blanket, one-size-fits-all solutions...

With those overused & misleading cliché phrases like: "Middle solves the riddle”, "just get it in", "forehand always takes the middle" and all those other one liner quotes that ultimately don't get the job done and are keeping you stuck...

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Are You Ready To Play The Best Doubles Of Your Life?

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Get Lifetime Access To Dominating Doubles Today!

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365 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee!

(Yes, That's 1 FULL Year!)

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